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Our people call this place the Emerald Graves. Long ago, before the fall of the Dales, a tree was planted for every warrior who pledged themselves to the guardianship of the Dales. Together, these warriors were the Emerald Knights of Halamshiral, and the forest of their trees was named the Emerald March.

When the humans began encroaching once again on our borders, the Emerald Knights banded together to protect us from the incursion. But the humans were many, and their Chantry powerful, and they eventually conquered the Dales. The Knights fought in defense of our land, and almost all perished. The trees that once represented a might army were now living symbols of sacrifice—the Emerald Graves.

I hear that most humans in Orlais do not call this place by it's true name. They find it an inauspicious one and refer to the forest only as the Greatwood. They refuse to see anything but wood and moss and leaves, and hope to remain ignorant of the blood that was spilled. But we of the People remember. We feel the weight of what was lost, and we see, not trees, but lives given for freedom.

—As told by Keeper Gisharel of the Ralaferin Clan

Resources found here: Elfroot, Spindleweed, Blood Lotus, Royal Elfroot, Deep Mushroom, Rashvine, Embrium, Prophet's Laurel, Rashvine Nettle, Arbor Blessing, Iron, Bloodstone, Pyrophite, Obsidian, Everite, Stormheart, Dawnstone.

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