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And then Velcorminth swung his mighty hammer, and the blow tore the Alamarri bann's head clean off. He lay crumpled beneath the war leader and Velcorminth did shout, "You canine-lovers, you who think you can defeat me, stand before me and my dogs. They are the Dogs of War!" He planted his blood-soaked hammer in the earth and his enemies did quiver.

But victory would not go to the Chasind that day, for Hafter approached and intoned, "I am Hafter, slayer of darkspawn, leader of the Alamarri. No dog nor wolf alive frightens me."

And so they traded blows for three days and three nights. Bruised, bloodied, and tired they grew. It was after one thousand blows that Hafter's blade, Yusaris, found Velcorminth's heart. Then Hafter spoke, "I banish the Chasind from these plains. I have taken the greatest of your men from you and claimed his weapon as my own. If ever you rise against me or my sons, we will take more than that." And so, to this very day, the Chasind never venture far from their wilds, and the children of Hafter still hold our lands free.

—From Tales of the Alamarri, author unknown

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