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The Disciples of Andraste are unique in all of history. The cult preceded the Chantry and kept itself so hidden and isolated that it actually survived to modern day. The Disciples made their home high in the Frostback Mountains, in a village called Haven, which is now a sanctuary for pilgrims of the Chantry. It is understood that the Disciples were descendants of the first followers of Andraste, who brought her ashes to Ferelden and built the temple to house it. Because they had pledged themselves to the keeping of the Temple of Sacred Ashes, the Disciples of Andraste never left the Frostbacks. For nine hundred years, they kept strangers away, killing all who came close, and were completely oblivious to the world that advanced beyond the boundaries of their home.

Having developed separately from the traditions of the Andrastian Chantry, the Disciples were led by revered fathers. However, little else is known about the original beliefs of the Disciples, for they had turned from their noble heritage by the time they were discovered. Almost all scholars believe that the centuries-long isolation imposed upon the village led to the necessity for inbreeding. This practice likely led to a greater incidence of madness, which may explain why the cult was, at the time of its discovering in 9:30, worshipping a high dragon.

According to writings discovered in Haven, the Disciples of Andraste showed reverence to the dragon, believing it to be the Prophet reborn. The egg clutches and dragonlings of the dragon were afforded great honor, for being "Andraste's" offspring, and were cared for by the cult. The dragon never attacked the cult, being cunning enough to recognize how this arrangement benefited it.

If the Warden killed the Disciples...
In 9:30 Dragon, the Disciples were wiped out by the Hero of Ferelden, who was on a quest to retrieve the Sacred Ashes of Andraste.

If the Warden defiled the ashes...
It is unknown what happened to to the Disciples, following their encounter with the Hero of Ferelden in 9:30 Dragon. By the time the Chantry arrived to establish an outpost and rest station at Haven the Disciples have disappeared.

—From Before Andrastianism: the Forgotten Faiths by Sister Rondwyn of Tantervale