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The Great Mission: Day 1
Arrived in the Emerald Graves and located the first instance of the Menace. Set up an observation area close by. This will allow for undisrupted study of the phenomenon.

The Great Mission: Day 2
This particular example of the Menace seems far less active than the one in Lydes. It pulsates at a rate of a mere 427 times per hour. The sound of it here is a nagging drone, as opposed to the frantic whistling of the first one in town. As I recall, Sister Euphorbia described the noise as similar to one heard when "forcing air from a leaky bellows."

The Great Mission: Day 5
Ran out of Sister Euphorbia's honey loaves. Still have cheese, but spent yesterday foraging. Spotted another Menace through the trees by the river. I can only describe it as "stormy." It must be investigated further. For the Mission to succeed, I must learn all I can.

The Great Mission: Day 6
The "stormy" Menace makes noises like a provoked cat at intervals of one hour fifteen minutes. It is surrounded by four swirling wraith-like demons. I have named them Primus, Secundus, Tertius, and Dummy. The first three orbit the Menace like patrolling guards. Dummy follows, but often pauses and heads in a different direction. Very occasionally, he twirls around, like a lost man trying to find his bearings.

The Great Mission: Day 8
Must be careful; a passing deer drew the attention of Dummy. For once, he demonstrated a tremendous purpose. Felt almost proud. That pride was quickly replaced by great distress, observing what followed. Deer should not bend that way.

The Great Mission: Day 10
Another Menace seen farther down the river. It seems in its infancy. No demons. I believe I have enough knowledge of the behavior of the Menaces to attempt to destroy one. I will attempt this with the nascent Menace. Caution is key.

A final, blood-smeared entry, written in a shaky scrawl:

The Great Mission: Final Test

Learned so much since that first day on that ridge. Thought I knew enough to try to interact with a Menace, to touch it. This didn't go well. Instruments did nothing. Didn't affect Menace at all. We are all doomed.

Just going to lie here for a while.

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