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Obtained in Dragon Age II (or) if either the Warden or the Inquisitor are of Dalish origin...

In time, the human empires will crumble. We have seen it happen countless times. Until then, we wait, we keep to the wild border lands, we raise halla and build aravels and present a moving target to the humans around us. We try to keep hold of the old ways, to relearn what was forgotten.

We call to the ancient gods, although they do not answer and have not heard us since before the fall of Arlathan, so that one day they might remember us: Elgar'nan the Eldest of the Sun and He Who Overthrew His Father, Mythal the Protector, Fen'Harel the Dread Wolf, Andruil the Huntress, Falon'Din the Friend of the Dead, Dirthamen the Keeper of Secrets, Ghilan'nain the Mother of Halla, June the Master of Crafts, and Sylaise the Hearthkeeper.

We gather every ten years for the Arlathvhen, to retell the ancient stories and keep them alive. For when the human kingdoms are gone, we must be ready to teach the others what it means to be elves.

Gisharel, Keeper of the Ralaferin clan of the Dalish elves

If neither the Warden or the Inquisitor is of Dalish origin...

I took the road north from Val Royeaux toward Nevarra with a merchant caravan. A scant two days past the Orlesian border, we were beset by bandits. They struck without warning from the cover of the trees, hammering our wagons with arrows, killing most of the caravan guards instantly. The few who survived the arrow storm drew their blades and charged into the trees after our attackers. We heard screams muffled by the forest, and then nothing more of those men.

After a long silence, the bandits appeared. Elves covered in tattoos and dressed in hides, they looted all the supplies and valuables they could carry from the merchants and disappeared back into the trees.

These, I was informed later, were the Dalish, the wild elves who lurk in the wilderness on the fringes of settled lands, preying upon travelers and isolated farmers. These wild elves have reverted to the worship of their false gods and are rumored to practice their own form of magic, rejecting all human society.

—From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi


  • (Origins) On the PC, this codex entry, along with Codex entry: Arlathan: Part Two and Codex entry: The Brecilian Forest were supposed to be available for non-elven origins after listening to Sarel's story about the Dalish. Unfortunately, Sarel's plot script is not attached properly to him, so that none of the codexes were given after his tale except Codex entry: The Dales (which is set directly in the conversation script, rather than the broken plot script). The result of this bug is that non-Dalish origins cannot access the three aforementioned codex entries anywhere in the game.
    • There is an easy fix with the Toolset. Simply hook up Sarel's plot script, by setting the script property in ntb100pt_sarel.plo to ntb100pt_sarel which will then make the codex events trigger as Bioware intended.
    • Another method is by using the console by using the command: runscript zz_getsetplotflag set cod_hst_dalish_culture 0 1. This command gives the default codex entry for the Dalish Elf Origin, even if the player is of non-Dalish origin. The only way to get the non-Dalish entry is by using the Toolset.