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Beloved Andraste, sit well at the Maker's side and know my sorrow. For my heart was weak until it served your greater glory.

As she was my enemy, I heeded the word of the Betrayer and so sentenced her to die. Thus she was bound upon the pyre so that all might bear witness.

But as the Prophet burned, a silence fell. For though flame licked mortal flesh, she would not cry. The hearts of the people filled with shame, and all were silent with her.

I thought it defiance and, though I marveled at her strength, my heart was yet unmoved.

It was then the Prophet raised her eyes, her visage wreathed with sacred flame. It was then I saw her sorrow and her acceptance. I felt the flame eat mine own flesh. I felt its slow death upon me and knew her suffering.

Through flame I walked and drove the sword into her heart. And so the Prophet was released. The Maker whispered in my ear and knew I had become the instrument of His will.

—An interpretation of the conversion of Hessarian, written in 7:34 Storm. Claims that it draws from a text written by Hessarian himself remain unconfirmed.

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