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In the 435th year of the Tevinter Imperium, Archon Almadrius built a summer palace for himself near the Eyes of Nocen. The palace was considered one of the greatest wonders of the world, and many of Almadrius's jealous rivals hatched plots to burn it to the ground.

To protect his palace, the archon stationed one hundred soldiers on permanent guard. These centurions were sworn only to the service of the archon himself, their oaths sealed with blood.

The reign of Almadrius ended in violence and his successor, Tidarion, converted the palace into a garrison for his troops fighting the insurrections all across the Imperium. Amidst the bedlam, the centurions maintained their watch. They eventually fell in battle, but their oaths held and the bodies rose again to take their posts.

When Tidarion's reign came to an end, the magisters fought amongst themselves for twenty vicious years before they crowned a new archon, and when Parthenius finally took the throne, he found that the palace and its guardians had vanished. Not a single stone remained in the Nocen countryside.

Some say the centurions, faithful to their oaths, carried the palace away brick by brick and rebuilt it in a distant land where it would be safe, waiting for an archon to lay claim to it.

—From Impossible Tales of the Imperium, by Hendrik of Cumberland

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