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This tattered book is well worn, as if someone has read and reread it dozens of times:

Those who deny the truth are Willfully Ignorant, for what happened at the Temple of Sacred Ashes makes little sense as "Historians" tell it. These Men and Women are clearly in the pay of those who want the matter Silent.

Reports of the wreckage claim nothing remains of the Temple but Rubble from the Explosion. Chantry-controlled Mages say a Spell cast by the magister Corypheus was amplified by a lyrium deposit beneath the temple, but this is Folly. Learned professors and mages outside the Chantry have proven, in many writings, that even superheated Lyrium cannot melt granite beams.

The destruction of the Temple of Sacred Ashes can only be the work of Hidden Ophidian Enslavers! The Snake-Kings of the Earth, in their battle against Tevinter's allies from the moons (I of course Know About them), as I hope to Prove to the Reader beyond doubt. A selection of Educational charts illuminating my theories are at the back of this volume...

It goes on like this for 400 more pages.

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