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The tactics screen (\) is a tool used to customize your party's actions and reactions based on current situations in combat.

AI: General Behavior

A party member's general behavior can be configured using the drop-down menu at the top of the right side of the screen. For example, should he or she charge at enemies, or be more cautious? Does this party member prefer ranged or melee weapons?

Tactics slots let you set up automatic actions that the party member will take in specific situations, like casting Heal whenever a party member drops below 50% health. Tactics are displayed in a numbered list. Each tactic requires a condition and an action.

The condition determines when to execute the tactic. The action determines what happens when the tactic fires.

Tactic slots at the top of the list are the highest priority; they will activate before ones further down in the list. You can reorganize tactics slots by left-clicking on a number and dragging.

Tactics slots can also be temporarily disabled by left-clicking on the + symbol in front of the slot. To re-enable the tactic, click the + again.

AI: Tactics Presets

You can save a set of tactics at any time. Click the Save Preset button to store the current settings. Use the Presets pull-down to switch between different sets of conditions and actions.