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Cloudgazer, stone-blind, skyer--these are how dwarves describe their surfacer cousins. It's traditional to snort these words with disdain. A dwarf who goes "topside" forfeits his caste, his house, and the favor of his ancestors. Once he sets foot on the surface, he is no longer welcome in Orzammar.

Still, in recent years a great many dwarves have moved to the surface. Some are casteless and have nothing to lose. Others believe they have something to gain. Some think it's only a matter of time before Orzammar falls to the darkspawn.

Then there are the merchant caste dwarves with their frightful flair for business. I met one who nearly talked me into buying my own hat. I daresay most merchants don't give a nugget about losing their caste or the favor of their ancestors--not the way they're compensated!

--From Tales from Beneath the Earth, by Brother Genitivi

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