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Apprentices are allowed and expected to willfully direct a minor spirit, provided it is within the protective confines of the library. Placement of the shelves allows for passive immobilization and the emergency purging of any rogue entity.

Take care! This exercise is not to be enacted during maintenance or other disruption of library structure! The danger presented by an incorrect summoning, particularly Exercise Three, is extreme.

(This book has been torn in half)


(The second half of a torn book.)

The summoning sigil will ignite upon ritual initiation. If the order is incorrect, the ritual will reset.

Exercise One

-Address the summoning font.

-Select the second passage from the Tome of Spirit Personages, second shelf.

-Pass open hands through the first summoning flames (select first flames).

Exercise Two

-Address the summoning font.

-Recite the Rodercoms Uncommon Calling, first column support shelves.

-Place one silver coin at the feet of the statue of Magus Gorvish.

-Pass open hands through the seconds summoning flames.

Exercise Three

-Alert senior magi of lesson commencement.

-Address the summoning font.

-Recite the second passage of Elvorn's Grande Bestiary, sealed texts, third area.

-Trace the chosen sigil on the first area common table.

-Place a lock of hair between the pages of the Spiritorum Etherialis, right of the sealed texts.

-Perform Callum's Gesture (two fingers) at the statue of Magus Gorvish.

-Breathe on the dried hemlock in the Novice Phylactery, second column support shelves.

-Pass open hands through the third summoning flames.


After the first summoning is completed:
Spirit Hog

The equivalent of a Fade bottom-feeder, the gullet of the Spirit Hog can contain minor gems, presumably coalesced from ethereal elements in the Fade. Such creatures cannot survive in the mortal realm without summoner intervention.

After the second summoning is completed:
Trickster Whim

An amoral entity that delights in observing corporeal and emotional discomfort. A dangerous preference, given that such creatures have little understanding or interest in the fragility of mortal flesh.

After the third summoning is completed:
Fade Rifter

The Rifter is an assembled consciousness given form in the moment of the ritual. Its appearance is intended to frighten the summoning apprentice, ensuring they respect the Fade. While essentially a construct, the beast is nonetheless very real and possessed of a fearsome will to be free.

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