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She is the hold-beast of Stone-Bear Hold. All other bears in the area are mere imitations.

Storvacker. How do I even begin to explain Storvacker?

Storvacker is flawless.

She has two ancient elven trees for claw sharpening and a silver honey dish.

I hear that her claws are valued in Denerim at 10,000 sovereigns.

I hear that she sells her shed fur to Orlesian master weavers in Val Royeaux.

Her favorite story is Hard in Hightown.

One time, she met Alistair Therein [sic], fabled warrior of the Fifth Blight, and he told her she was pretty.

One time, she clawed me in the face. It was amazing.

—From Ruminations upon the Avvar and Their Customs by Reginald de Gorge

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