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The Chasind barbarians are nothing if not clever. They have hidden markers and signs in the arrangements of stones and rubble along the paths of the Wilds. In this way, they mark trails, note places of interest, and even give warnings in a way outsiders cannot understand. Interestingly, these markers look indistinguishable from a regular pile of stones.

I have dedicated my time to deciphering these signs, and I believe I am close to a breakthrough. The trail markers seem to point to a horde (sic) or a location used for secret storage among the Chasind. I have only found a portion of the message however. I think that if I could complete the message, find all of the trail markers, I can find this cache and see what treasure the Chasind have to hide.

I have found one such marker near this camp, under a fallen tree leaning against the ruins. Each marker seems to point to one or two others.

I hear rumours that a darkspawn horde is coming. I hope I can find this treasure before it's too late!

--An excerpt from Rigby's field journal

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