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Gallows master, hold thy hand, hold it back awhile.
Callous juror, let me stand, let me bear a smile.

For comes my brother distant,
For comes by savior soon.
I stand here most insistent,
I will receive my boon.

Fellow soldier, hold thy voice, hold it if you may.
Fallow shoulders show my choice, I am in your sway.

For know my crime was cruel,
And all my pain deserved.
I stand here as a fool,
Despite my brother served.

Mother dearest, look away, look into the sun.
Other's nearest, gone astray, you will be undone.

For no more will I prattle,
And no more will I pray.
Hear you must the rattle,
As life will fly away.

—From Songs of Old Orlais: She of the Highwaymen Repents, inscriptions collected by (formerly) Sister Laudine

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