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"What can I say? I have a heart of stone."

The golems of Orzammar once made up the vanguard of the dwarven army, holding back the tides of darkspawn that flooded out of the Deep Roads. But the art of making them was lost, and many of them succumbed to wear and damage in battle.

Shale has no memories either of the time spent fighting in the Deep Roads, or of coming to Honnleath, only a few spotty (and bitter) recollections of its last master.

If recruited: The Warden unearthed Shale's control rod and awakened it, adding a bitter, malfunctioning golem to the menagerie of companions.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If the Warden sided with Branka with Shale in the party during "The Anvil of the Void": Shale was destroyed while fighting the Warden.

If "A Golem's Memories" quest completed: Three hundred years earlier, she had been Shayle of House Cadash, warrior of King Valtor, and a volunteer who chose to dedicate her life for all time to the defense of Orzammar.


  • The Anvil of the Void was not used for a thousand years, so it is impossible for Shale to have volunteered three hundred years ago.
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