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This report by Josephine has been defaced numerous times in a different hand:

On Sera, Red Jenny, and Velissisima Ladyparts von Knucklefronts,

It falls to me to comment on this "Red Jenny," for as a creature of the court I must have seen the effect of her actions, although I cannot be certain. Does that make them effective or ineffective? What I know is that "she" has vexed cities' guardsmen across Thedas, and always escaped. Accessing all available records, it seems clear that there have been multiple embodiments of the name, often at the same time; the limitations of communication are such that this is impossible to verify in the moment.

(A crude drawing of a guard with her breeches at her ankles.)

The severity of the attributed actions vary wildly, from petty to outright vicious. While official reports label these actions unfair, I have knowledge of many named as victims, and several are of suspect character. Sera would call them something altogether untoward.

Yes mum. Shits, the lot of them.

There are tales of "Red Jenny" targeting criminals, slavers, and even assassins' guilds. The benefit of having a "local" is that they are invested in regional concerns, although this obviously varies. I can discern no protocol.

Don't need a title to be awful and deserve it.

So who is our "Red Jenny?" She has been amusing herself in Val Royeaux for some time, although it is clear from her accent that she is deeply Fereldan. She met with outright laughter my inquiry as to whether she had any special "elven concerns" that I could address. I have conferred with Leliana about the danger of this group, and our estimation is that this incarnation of Red Jenny is, at least, a good distraction.

Aww, the scary one cares.

Dialogue option "Tell me about you background / Where are you from?"...
Addendum: Denerim
Sera's claim to have lived in Denerim cannot be verified, but seems likely. The alienage there was neither stable nor secure; many residents of the city fled the region following the Blight. Given her nature, Val Royeaux would have seemed rife with targets. Denerim has more than its share of suspect nobility, but most were rallied against a common enemy, thanks to the efforts of the Hero of Ferelden.

Forced to, more like. Shits and double shits.

After Rooftop Cutscene in Skyhold - Requires High Approval...
Addendum: Lady Emmald
I attempted to find information about this "Lady Emmald" Sera mentioned. It is difficult, given how many noble houses were all but erased during the Blight. Emmald seems a recent name, rather than established nobility. Perhaps the title of "Lady" was a negotiated honorific due to mercantile holdings.

Didn't say she didn't work hard. Said she was a bitch.

If the Inquisitor romances Sera...
Addendum: Personal Privacy
In light of your developing relationship with Sera, I wish to clarify that any and all information I have gleaned is, at best, secondhand. I would never expect to exceed your own observations, given their intimate nature, and I do not wish to intrude on your privacy.

Keep your nose out. She's mine.

Encountering darkspawn with Sera in the party...
Addendum: On Sera's hatred of darkspawn
Having read the reports, I might have expected that someone with ties to Ferelden—and specifically Denerim—would harbor a violent dislike of darkspawn. Whatever claims she has to family, all were threatened during the blight.

They don't look right. Not living.

Finding a Red Jenny Cache while exploring...
Addendum: On "Red Jenny" Caches in Populated Areas
It bewilders how such things go unnoticed, but perhaps that is the power of the practiced servant—they are keenly aware of what escapes the preoccupied eye. Sera, of course, can spy them instantly. She seems an extreme version of a very narrow definition of "perceptive." I have pressed for a schedule, or even some hint of procedure, but she is content to rely on the unknown. It may seem exciting, but I should find it ever so frustrating if I were searching.

It's just red, right? Bet she'd see it if it was on a hat out of season.

Upon sighting a High dragon...
Addendum: On Sera's Fascination with Dragons
I do not know what Sera finds in dragons that enthralls her so, but it is clear from her excited admissions that battling them speaks to her in a way for which she was not prepared. At least, in my estimation. If you seek an admission, at best she will declare "that was grand!" or similar. She's hardly introspective. Nevertheless, she has expressed an interest in any future hunts.

(A crude drawing of Sera, tongue out, standing atop a dragon, mimicking its horns with her fingers.)

Piss, can't draw saddles.

If Sera left the Inquisition...
Addendum: On Sera’s Expulsion
Sera was escorted from Inquisition holdings. She took very little; I expect we will not have the pleasure of meeting her again. That we know of. We may find ourselves once more on her list of potential noble targets, but I do wonder how the pranks of Red Jenny in absentia could be any worse than the pranks she played while here.

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