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Codex text

"Some of us know what honor and loyalty are."

Cauthrien came to Loghain's service the hard way—she belonged to a poor family and was out doing work on the farm when she saw a man on horseback being attacked by several bandits. She rushed to his assistance, and found out belatedly that the man she "saved" was none other than the great hero Loghain. Though she was hardly more than a child, he took her in, offering her a position with his soldiers, and she climbed through the ranks through sheer determination. Becoming the commander of Maric's Shield, Loghain's elite soldiers, was the proudest moment of her life.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If Cauthrien dies at the end of the quest Rescue the Queen...

She was slain while trying to arrest the Warden for the murder of Arl Howe.

If Cauthrien dies later...

She was slain while trying to stop the Warden from entering the Landsmeet.