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Codex text

The goal is fear.

The Qunari in Seheron's markets must fear that everyone who serves their food is a rebel looking for a chance to slip poison onto a Qunari's plate. The rebels must fear that every farmer they pass in the fields is a Ben-Hassrath spy ready to bring soldiers running. And the commoners, the peasants? They must fear everyone. They see rebels light fires that kill Qunari and commoner alike. They see Ben-Hassrath arrest commoners who all know are innocent. When these events do not occur naturally, it is our duty to catalyze the process.

Only when the commoners of Seheron fear the rebels and hate the Qunari will the Imperium be seen as the preferable option. The actions we take here may seem cruel, but to succeed, we must agitate until all of Seheron hates both the rebels and the Qunari for their actions.

Only when the people are broken can we save them. Only when they fear all others will they accept the aid of the Imperium. Any good soldier would kill ten men to save twenty. We must bring terror to Seheron so that we might one day bring peace.

—An excerpt from a training manual given to Tevinter operatives joining the Siccari, whose existence has been officially denied

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