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23rd of Ferventis
When I set out for the capital of Rivain, I did not anticipate arriving in the middle of a little provincial festival. The streets are thick with fishermen and farmers coming in from the countryside for some gathering. Rural life apparently breeds fierce rivalries. I've seen more than one fistfight erupt in the square outside the inn. And do they call this music? Excellent wine, however. It must be Antivan.

24th of Ferventis
The agreement is sealed. The merchant had more jewelery on his head than Orlesian women do on their fingers, but anyone willing to sell me silk at this price may dress how they please. Sabol, whose title is "Ana-Een," is an amiable sort who offered to show me "Allsmet" tonight.

Apparently the village leaders—hedge mages they dub "seers"—travel to Dairsmuid twice a year to meet in council, forge trade agreements, and publicly pledge loyalty to Rivain's queen. Deals made at Allsmet are seen as especially auspicious. Sabol warned me that sometimes hotheads will attempt to settle old feuds before these seers decree binding judgments here. But there are also feasts, lavish gift-giving ceremonies, musical contests, and other rustic nonsense.

This explains the rabble. Still, it might be amusing to sample the local color. I've just witnessed a loudly public exchange between two men trying to outdo each other with ridiculous boasts in the square. The most extravagant liar was applauded and decorated with wreaths by the crowd! The Rivaini are lively. I'll grant them that. And not at all afraid to drink with a Tevinter.


Hah! Peasant oaf threatened me after I tripped into him at feast. Bit of fire cowed him! Impressed ladies, too. What enlightened attitudes. These people have fantasasssas lovely dancers here. Must remb get vintage from inkeeep. Label was BLUE!

26th of Ferventis
Find out who's sleeping on top of me. Bring more robes next year.

—From the diary of Beskorus of Vyrantium, 9:32 Dragon Age

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