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Codex text

This letter was clearly written a few lines at a time over the course of multiple days, as the ink at the start has already faded slightly:


It is no longer my role to instruct others in the Qun, but I will share what I can with you if it brings you peace.

You are not alone in your struggles to achieve mastery of yourself and your purpose. Many viddathari come to the Qun filled with fear and anger. These feelings build walls brick by brick within the self. They prevent you from seeing the others around you, from seeing the world as it is, and they convince you that you are alone and in darkness, that you must fend for yourselves. The walls are real. But the darkness and the solitude, the world that they create within the self: that is all illusion. You must work to tear down the walls if you wish to see the truth, and the truth is this: no one is alone. It was the wisdom revealed to Koslun in the desert long ago. What looks like darkness is only the space between stars.

This portion of the letter is slightly newer, and the handwriting, which was exceptionally tidy at first, has become somewhat looser, as if written in a hurry:

And it is not just viddathari who struggle with these illusions. The world changes the self, and we must balance mastery upon its turning tides. Once I was an ashkaari, and I spent my days examining the philosophy of the Qun and trying to seek the enlightenment that Koslun found. But my dreams of demons took me down a new path.

Here, the writing is filled with crossed-out passages, and the script becomes shaky. Some of the ink is still wet:

And now with the song liquid—crossed out. And now I study the dam which holds back magic at is source. We will—crossed out Things change, little Tallis. The world changes. Find purpose in people around you, and your role will be clear. Remember when—crossed out. It will be hard to find wisdom in the noise. The noise is an illusion. Like the darkness. But the walls are real. Remember that. Tear down the walls first, and you will see the truth.


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