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Previously wife to King Cailan, descendant of Calenhad and last of the Theirin bloodline to rule Ferelden, Queen Anora came into her own during the Fifth Blight. With the throne left vacant following her husband's death, she was confirmed as sole ruler with the support of the Hero of Ferelden — and this confirmation allowed her to rally her nation behind the Grey Wardens and the battle that ultimately ended the war with the darkspawn before it ever truly began.

If the Warden was Anora's Prince-Consort:

After the Blight's end, Anora and the Hero of Ferelden were married. She began the process of rebuilding a country devastated by the Blight's corruption... a process that is considered to have gone well, at least until the Hero of Ferelden's disappearance from the Fereldan court several years ago.

Since that time, concerns linger that Queen Anora has still not produced an heir, concerns that she has thus far successfully dismissed. The people believe her rule wise and well-reasoned, and they fully supported her decision to give the rebel mages safe harbor in Redcliffe following an impassioned speech she delivered in Denerim six months ago. When the rebel mages took over both the town and castle, forcing Arl Teagan to flee for the capital, her support among the nobility dwindled rapidly. What this will mean for her rule in the coming years — particularly with renewed interest from neighboring Orlais — remains to be seen.

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