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In all the strange struggles that have raged across Ferelden, one of the most peculiar is the battle of Pauper's Cap. A powerful demon, bent on gaining power in the mortal world, raised an army of corpses to assault the home of Helianthus, a reclusive apostate who was said to possess both fabulous wealth and great knowledge. While the demon saw the perfect host in this bejeweled bookworm, Helianthus was not without defenses of her own.

As the corpses shuffled toward her house, Helianthus called to the demon, declaring that though she was just a simple apostate, the demon would see her power an entire infantry. Then, calling upon her magic, she summoned spirits into the plants in her vegetable patch, creating countless tiny sylvans. The resulting garden warfare saw corpses armored with buckets and doors as makeshift helmets and shields battling possessed fruits and vegetables who spat seeds, constructed makeshift fortifications, and even chomped entire corpses whole.

In the end, the area around Helianthus's home became both garden and graveyard, home to the corpses destroyed as she defended herself, and this world, from the demon. Had she been defeated and her great brain turned to the demon's purposes, we might well have seen such terrible corpses rampaging from the great pyramids of Par Vollen to the pirate-infested waters of Llormerryn, or even into the unknown western lands...

Is this my lunch? I thought we were dining on bacon today. I was informed that there would be bacon. No, I shall not take the pot off my head. Why? Because I am maaaaaaaaaad...

—A unsourced and debatable tale from Daveth the Mad, supposedly shared at his estate in Walnut Hills where he spent his later years


  • This codex entry is a reference toPlants VS. Zombies, a game developed by PopCap Games. As a token of gratitude from the Plants VS. Zombies development team, they sent BioWare a recreation of the Dragon Age: Inquisition cover using Plants VS. Zombies characters.
  • Bejeweled, Bookworm and Garden Warfare are also games developed by PopCap Games.
  • The apostate's name, Helianthus, is the name of a genus of plants commonly known as sunflowers.
  • In the garden of the farm where the code is found, there is a makeshift row of sunflowers aligned with several boards, down which are two or three corpses, reminiscent of the Plants vs. Zombies gameplay screen.
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