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Vain hope: Someone better at this than me takes over before the survivor expires. Notes in case.

—Day One—

Clammy. Shallow breathing. Pulse over-fast. Not responsive. Pupils dilated.
Mage says his/her scarring "mark" is thrumming with unknown magic.
Wish we could station a templar in here, just in case.

—Day Two—

Pulse normal, breathing normal.
Still unresponsive; careful drop-feed of prep. Elfroot extract to hasten his/her recovery.
A lot of thrashing. Mutters about too many eyes. Something about "the grey." Encouraging?

—Day Three—

Less thrashing. Some response to stimulus. Vitals seem solid.
Two attempts so far by locals to break into the chantry to kill my patient.
All this work to save his/her life, and will they just execute him/her?
Will inform Lady Cassandra I expect him/her to wake before the morn.

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