Codex text

An ancient fire has pages from an old book torn next to it, likely used for kindling. The ice has kept a few pages legible:

Haron and Orinna drew the Avvar away, but when Telana and I breached the Tevinter frost-ward and entered the fortress, we found to our chagrin that this is their main base. Their mastery of ice magic allowed them to slip through the ward without melting it. Instead of luring the dragon into a trap of our making, we have had a brutal fight in the home of our foes.

The dragon's power is like none I have ever seen. Possessed by this Avvar god-spirit, it rivals the legendary Archdemon Dumat in its fury. I pray the legends of another Archdemon leading the Blight in the Anderfels are just foolish stories, but if they are true, then I understand why Emperor Drakon asked me to come here. Drakon's new "Orlais" cannot face two god-dragons at once.

Telana was injured in the last battle. She says that she can still fight, but she is limping badly, even after our healing magicks. Once we are warm again, I will send her back to the surface. The spell that will seal away the dragon offers little chance for escape, and in her current state, she cannot hope to outrun the magic. With luck, she will reach Orinna and Haron, and they can get back to civilization and bring reinforcements.

I can feel my fingers again. It is time to go.

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