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Codex text

Since his return from Seheron, my brother Vero has had an affinity for horns. He's amassed quite the collection from felled Qunari. At first, he kept them in his study, but soon the entire estate was overrun with the dreadful things.

So when on a hunting trip we came across an ogre with black horns glittering like tar, you can imagine his glee. I warned him that darkspawn are not like the Qunari, and ogres are especially cruel. But Vero was far into his cups. Not that he needed an excuse to ignore his little sister.

"You go right. Flank him," he spat, already stalking towards the creature.

I circled the ogre and thought it strange that we had found one on the surface. From everything I've read, ogres traveled with a horde and were usually only spotted during Blights. It was eating something; I was too far to see if its prey was animal or human. As I took my position and readied a paralysis spell, Vero prepared his opening attack.

The ogre turned before the spell was cast. Its speed was unimaginable. Bloodstained claws wrapped around my brother's chest and crushed his ribs like twigs. Vero was dead in an instant. I ran to gather forces to avenge him, but when we returned, the creature and Vero's body were gone.

—An excerpt from The Blighted Codex, a classified collection of studies on the darkspawn, held safely in the Imperial Library in Minrathous, available only to members of the Magisterium

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