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Dragon Age: Origins

"I'm not saying I should be your first pick for a dance partner at the inaugural ball, but in the Deep Roads, I'm your man."

Oghren of House Kondrat was once a promising member of the Warrior Caste. His house was not especially high-ranked, but many of its members, Oghren included, had won notable victories in the Provings and were considered to be rising in prestige. When a Smith Caste family with plenty of money but no political connections offered their daughter in marriage, his family accepted the match. And then everything changed.

His wife, Branka, was named a Paragon for her achievements. All of House Kondrat joined her newly-made noble House Branka... and vanished with her into the Deep Roads.

As time passed and it became more and more clear that Oghren had been abandoned, he became the butt of jokes throughout Orzammar. He took to drink, which didn't especially help. Drunk and humiliated, he challenged another warrior to a Proving over an insult and killed him. The match was meant to be fought to first-blood. As a punishment, he was stripped of his house and barred from bearing arms: The only fate worse for a warrior than exile.

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Dragon Age: Origins.

When "A Paragon of Her Kind" quest is complete:
The Grey Warden mounted a search for Branka and found her--and the Anvil of the Void for which she led her house to their deaths.

If Oghren continues with the Warden after "A Paragon of Her Kind":
Afterwards, having apparently nothing better to do, Oghren offered his services to the Grey Warden and left Orzammar to help end the Blight.

If his approval reaches 20:
Oghren enjoys challenging his palate with alcohols of ever increasing rarity, potency, and outright lethality. This has afforded him no benefit whatsoever.

If The Warden kills Oghren:
He was killed in a dispute with The Warden.

If he leaves the Warden after joining:
He left some time later for parts unknown.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

"Now let's go introduce some darkspawn arses to my foot. Only polite thing to do."

Oghren was once married to Branka, Orzammar's sole living Paragon, but she left him to search for the Anvil of the Void. Oghren took to drink, then accidentally killed another warrior in a drunken Proving match. For this mistake, Oghren was stripped of his house and barred from baring weapons -- for a warrior, worse than exile.

When the Grey Wardens called for aid from the dwarves, Orzammar's throne was contested and only a Paragon could settle the dispute. Oghren, hoping to find his wife, offered to guide the party through the Deep Roads.

But Branka's obsession with the Anvil of the Void had driven her mad. The Wardens helped choose a new king, and Oghren, having lost everything, left with the Wardens.

When the Blight was ended, Oghren settled down with his old flame Felsi and had a child. But domestic bliss did not last, and so Oghren travelled to Vigil's Keep in the hopes of becoming a Warden himself.

Oghren's passion for strong drink hasn't waned.

If he undergoes the Joining:
Oghren survived the Joining. His extensive experience drinking bitter swill likely helped.

If he encounters Felsi in Vigil's Keep:
Felsi arrived at Vigil's Keep demanding to see Oghren. Their conversation ended poorly.

When "Oghren the Family Man is completed:
Oghren confided in the Warden-Commander. He admitted to feeling guilt over abandoning his child and resolved to be a better father.

If the Warden-Commander saves the City of Amaranthine, and leaves Oghren to defend Vigil's Keep:
Alas, Oghren cannot hold off a hangover, let alone an entire army. He died when the darkspawn sacked Vigil's Keep again.

The Darkspawn Chronicles

Oghren was a decorated and highly respected warrior of the Dwarven city of Orzammar--until his wife, the Paragon Branka, made him into a cuckold. Oghren turned to drink, then accidentally killed a young noble while intoxicated. After the dwarves stripped Oghren of his pride and weapons, he left for the surface. He settled in at the Gnawed Noble Tavern in Denerim, ranting about his glory days to anyone who would listen.

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