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A collection of quickly jotted notes, written in a blocky hand:

- Moon rose a few minutes later today than it did a week ago. I don't think it moves like stars do. Is it because it's closer?

- Wilton pointed out another star in the south quarter of the sky, by one of the Tevinter constellations. Real faint. Boy has good eyes. Have him help me spot next week.

- Notes in book I found not a chart of the air as I thought. Looks like different sky. Stars different in the north than they are here?


The blocky writing of this note looks shaky:


Watching the sky when I heard screams from the old castle. Went to the gate and saw horned figures in the mist. Tell everyone who hasn't got the plague to go. Meet me on the south path. I have a cousin in King's Crossing we can stay with.


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