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A collection of servants' notes on the guests attending the Winter Palace:

Countess D'Avorrie: Wants a stateroom set aside from three to five in the afternoon for her daughters' harp practice. Must have windows on one side and a balcony. If she proposes a recital, refer her to the seneschal.

Duke Pierpone: Wants to entertain Fereldan relatives. A barrel of whiskey and three wheels of cheese to be delivered to his quarters this evening.

Bann Worton: His bed should be made up with linens, not silks.

Ser Litstone: Complains an old wound in her left leg is making itself felt. Move her to the ground floor.

Lady Galetee: A duelist. Has requested a sparring partner and a suitable practice ground.

Lord Gilderay: To be woken at eight by a main on even days, a pageboy on odd days (don't ask) with a fresh pitcher of water and twelve sprigs of lavender on a peach-colored towel (don't ask), carrying these items in silently, without making eye contact with his lordship, placing them on the divan, clapping twice, then leaving without a word. (Do. Not. Ask.)

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