Codex text

An excerpt from a manifesto on mage rights. The page is worn and creased, as though read many times:

Andraste suffered at the hands of magisters. Thus, she feared the influence of magic. But if the Maker blamed magic for the magisters' actions in the Black City, why would He still gift us with it? The oppression of mages stems from the fears of men, not the will of the Maker.

A few personal thoughts are scrawled below:

The fears of men? If they stay away, there will be no fear. This place is remote enough.

Strange to hear no one talking in the other room, to feel no eyes watching me. I miss it sometimes. But if that was not the will of the Maker, then perhaps this is.



  1. During Anders' Questioning Beliefs quest in Act 2, if Hawke is in a rivalry path with him, Anders reads the exact same phrase to convince them. Source
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