Codex text

A page from a charred book:

You offer a sip of water while they provide a feast.
Know they speak of the same wickedness, but place it in you.

I have heard them speak, and I have listened.
I hear the whispers of all.

Let them offer silver while you give gold.
Let them think themselves your betters and know nothing more.

Would you not purge the world of wickedness—of those who speak against you?
Would they not do the same?

If we do not have an agreement, then I shall depart.
When I am through, none shall speak of treachery.
When all have given word, then all shall be appeased.

Written in the margins:

Must remember the words. The right materials on the flame in the right order. Earth, the vine, the phial, then the blood. The blood comes last. No missteps. One wrong move, and the binding will not work. But if it does—oh, my enemies will quake.

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