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I, too, am concerned about this new "advisor" to the Imperial Court. If Celene is truly curious about magic, why not turn to Madame de Fer with her questions? Why seek out this dark-haired apostate from Ferelden? Why bring the woman here? After a great deal of surveillance, I can reassure you somewhat. I do not believe this Morrigan has our empress ensorcelled. There is no way to be certain, of course, but the witch and Celene argue often. If Morrigan tells Celene something unpleasant, she will avoid the witch for months before curiosity draws her back. Morrigan has an interest in ancient things—magic from a time before the Chantry even existed—and it is this pursuit that intrigues Celene. Morrigan can answer questions that Madame de Fer either could not or would not. Whether any pertain to blood magic or other forbidden things... that I can only suspect. Three of my spies disappeared after attempting to breach the spells protecting this woman's laboratory in the depths of the palace. I would raise a fuss, but then my efforts would be revealed... even though I doubt I am alone. The entire court is consumed with curiosity, and the more Celene keeps her in the sidelines, the more we all wish to know.

Our empress plays with fire. Considering she has yet to find herself a husband to solidify the future of her dynasty, these dealings with the apostate are one more nail in her coffin.

Yours in trust,
Madame de Carnay

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