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Codex text

"Witch of the Wilds? Such idle fancies, those legends. Have you no minds of your own?"

Of herself, Morrigan says little. She does not deny being a witch of the Wilds, but beyond that, everything about her is in question.

When Morrigan joins the Warden:
Her mother claims to be Flemeth. If that's true, the Morrigan might well be a very powerful witch, for the tales of the daughters of Flemeth tell of twisted, monstrous women who can kill a man with fear. She was made to accompany the surviving Grey Wardens: The payment, Flemeth said, for saving their lives at the Tower of Ishal.
If Morrigan is told to leave...

Whatever Flemeth's purpose was, however, will probably never be known.

If Morrigan's approval reaches 20...

Morrigan's critical eye is not reserved solely for others. Knowing or not, she has a simple fondness for jewelry and is very particular about her appearance.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

At Redcliffe Castle, the night before the final battle:
On the eve of battle with the archdemon , she made an offer to the Wardens: Sire a child with her, and she could use it to capture the archdemon's soul at the moment of death, saving the Warden who struck the killing blow.
If Morrigan's offer is refused...

When this bargain was turned down, Morrigan disappeared.

After the final battle, if Morrigan's offer was accepted...

After the battle, Morrigan disappeared.

Morrigan was the daughter of Flemeth, the legendary witch of the Korcari Wilds. Flemeth forced Morrigan to accompany the Grey Warden Alistair in his battle against the Blight, but Morrigan and Alistair did not get along. She enjoyed laughing at his every mistake, and followed him only for the entertainment value.