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Notes written by one of the scholars responsible for restoring Haven. The notes have obviously come loose from a ledger of some sort:

It took weeks scrubbing bloodstains from the stone. One of two things is true: either stone is more porous than I thought, or Maker's beard, there must've been a lot of blood. How many people died? I'm so relieved I didn't have to deal with the altars of sacrifice the first arrivals found. Those were tossed off a cliff (I think), so now we just have to deal with the stains on the walls and floors. If this doesn't clean up in a day or two, I'm asking for some fresh plaster—maybe we can cover them up.

Still, it's not all bad. Haven is a beautiful place, and while working in the dungeons, we found scraps of paper with writing that looks like Brother Ferdinand Genitivi's. He was held here for weeks before the Hero of Ferelden found him.

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