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Hawke's Relationship status...

If Hawke is in friendship or rivalry with Merrill:

"Everything I do, everything I've ever done, was for the good of my people."

Merrill spends more and more of her time locked away in her house in the alienage with her mirror; she leaves only to buy food, which she does so rarely that Varric has taken to having produce delivered to her door. At least she no longer gets lost as she wanders the city.

If Hawke is in a romance with Merrill:

"If you hadn't come to Sundermount that day... I can't imagine where I'd be now."

Merrill moved into Hawke's Mansion in Hightown ― and not as a servant, much to the horror of the neighbours. She further scandalized the neighborhood by wandering around with no shoes on, picking the flowers out of other people's gardens, and cooing cheerfully at their attack dogs. Several angry letters were sent to the Champion and the seneschal, but the situation remains unchanged.

She continues to return to her ramshakle house in the alienage, spending a great deal of time working on her mirror.

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