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Lords and ladies of the Magisterium, before we vote on the budget for this latest measure against the Qunari, I would ask that we take a moment to consider the state of our institutions of higher learning.

The Circle of Minrathous is more than ten thousand years old. Darinius the Dreamer himself was born within those walls. It continues to be a source of wisdom and guidance for the best and brightest of the Imperium's youth. Yet it falls into disrepair.

Magister Aurarius has made her case several times for increased funding to the Circles, and as yet, her appeals have gone unanswered. Magister Viren has spoken at length on the threat of the oxmen in the north—a tide of brutality that we alone hold back. Let me add this: how shall we defeat the Qunari? How have we held back their advance all these long years without support from the other nations of Thedas? You know the answer: magic. It is our magic that holds the beasts at bay, and through the ingenuity of our magic we will drive them from our shores forever.

My friends and colleagues, this is the battle we prepare our apprentices, sons, and daughters to face. They need the resources to discover new magic, new techniques, that can lend us an advantage in this endless war. They cannot do this while roofs crumble over their heads. Repair the Circles; let the Imperium's future be more than slow decline to the marching steps of legions.

—An address by Magister Alexius to the Magisterium, taken from the official minutes in 9:39 Dragon

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