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Arl Tiranon Guerrin's eldest son came late in the arl's life, and there was much hope for the young man to follow in the footsteps of his successful father. Unfortunately, Lornan Guerrin proved to be profoundly lazy in his youth, more interested in spending his father's money than tending to his lands.

In frustration, the arl ordered a fort constructed in the mountains. He sent Lornan there, stating that his son could return to Redcliffe only when the bandits that lurked in the mountains had been brought to heel.

Accepted history says that Lornan reformed, routed the bandits, and returned to Redcliffe a changed man. Whispers in the family, however, suggest that the man who returned to Redcliffe was in fact a soldier who bore some resemblance to Lornan, and who fought well against the bandits in the mountains, while Lornan rested comfortable in his mountain keep for the remainder of his days.

—Excerpt from Living Redcliffe, by Sister Dorcas Guerrin

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