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My dearest son,

It pleases me that you wish to follow in my footsteps and bring the Maker's word to the unenlightened. I wish you had chosen a less dangerous place to do so!

Apologies for leaving early for the Wilds, son, but I wanted to set up camp and get things started. The Chasind respect one with survival skills in the Wilds, so I hoped to get a grip on that before you arrived, and maybe establish an agreement with a local tribe so that we had friends when you came.

When you reach the Wilds, you'll find it difficult to navigate. I've listed certain landmarks below. If you follow them, they will lead you to a location I've scouted out, where I've left you some supplies. If you're lost, try to get back to that spot, and I'll find you.

The landmarks are as follows, beginning at the entrance to the Wilds from Ostagar:

  • Look for a tree leaning on the ruined building
  • Pass under a fallen tree "bridge"
  • Pass a submerged tower on the right
  • Look between a high, ruined arch and a mossy standing stone
  • Walk along a path of roots and stones
  • Look for two large statues with a chest between them

There you will find our meeting point.

I love you Jogby, my son. I hope to see you soon.

Your father,


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