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If the Inquisitor sided with the mages...

To confirm: yes, I've heard the reports. The Inquisition is on the rise, but they'll be a toothless hound once our Master deals with them.

We stand between the enemy and Corypheus. He gave us what the Chantry never would: a second chance. I don't want to see a single man let him down.

Sow the lyrium. Let it follow where we walk, take root where we settle. Never forget that your footsteps - yours - mark Corypheus's path to victory.

General Samson

If the Inquisitor sided with the Templars...


The Venatori delivered the supplies we needed. At last. The strutting show-offs didn't stay long; they're afraid what the red lyrium could do to them if they get close to the raw vein.

Even "regular" raw lyrium hits mages hard. Raw red lyrium must be like sticking your head into a wasp nest.


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