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Codex text

"In the cloister, away from the fuss and the flurry of the cities, I found peace. And in that stillness, I could hear the Maker."

If Leliana is successfully romanced: "Here, with you... knowing the freedom of the road and the uncertainty of tomorrow... I feel alive again."

A lay sister of the Chantry who can beat the stuffing out of trained mercenaries would be notable enough, but one who also claims to have been sent to fight the darkspawn by the Maker Himself is... unusual to say the least.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If Leliana's intial offer of help is accepted: She joined Alistair and The Warden in Lothering, insisting that she would prove useful.

If The Warden refused her initial offer of aid: She asked to join the Grey Wardens in their endeavors... sort of, but was turned away.

When joining at Lothering exit after initial refusal: Her persistence, however, paid off. She made them relent and allow her to join in their travels.

In conversation, Leliana admits she was a bard: There's more to Leliana than had even been apparent at Lothering, however. She spent much of her life as a bard in Orlais: a minstrel, assassin, and spy employed by the nobles of Val Royeaux in their elaborate games of intrigue.

If Leliana tells The Warden about Marjolaine's betrayal: Her decision to join the Chantry was not merely the product of her disenchantment with the life of a bard; Leliana was framed by her bard-master, and fled to escape execution as a traitor.

If Leliana's approval reaches 20: Leliana takes care to honor the Lothering cloister that took her in, and keeps symbols of Andraste's blessings close to her heart.

If Leliana leaves: She eventually was driven away, and has not been seen since.

If The Warden defiles the Urn of Sacred Ashes whilst Leliana is present: When The Warden corrupted and destroyed the Sacred Ashes of Andraste, Leliana drew her weapon and was killed alongside the guardian.

The Darkspawn Chronicles Codex Text

Leliana was a lay sister of the Chantry. In a vision, the Maker urged her to leave the cloister and battle the Blight. Her skill at archery, evidence of a surprising past, brought her to the attention of the Grey Warden named Alistair. She soon joined him as an ally--and, rumor says, a lover.

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