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The legend of "Les Trois Soeurs" is often repeated in Orlais and has an incredible number of variations. In some, the sisters are depicted as innocent on the surface, but eagerly engaging in bawdy exploits the moment they escape from their chaperone. In others, the sisters are heroic, valiantly solving any number of problems (sometimes unintentionally) before returning home. In still others, the sisters are clueless, bumbling from one adventure to the next, unwittingly leaving riots and chaos in their wake. The nature depends on who is telling the story or where they heard it last. Sometimes it's a raunchy tale for tavern drunks; other times, it's a scandalous tale told to criticize either the empress or the Chantry. There are some elements in common between all these stories, however.

They always revolve around the adventures of three sisters of the Montbelliard clan: Brielle, Marie, and Sheryse. They are depicted as young women typical of Orlesian nobility, versed in social graces but innocent of the world outside of their sheltered existence. One day, while traveling with their chaperone (always referred to as "La Bête" and usually depicted as a large and vindictive woman), they become separated and lost on the streets of Val Royeaux. Bewildered at finding themselves alone, the Three Sisters panic and end up in the infamous Belle Marche, an area of the capital renowned for its garish and celebratory seediness. In all versions of the legend, this is where the sisters' adventures truly begin.

──From Tales of Val Royeaux by Lord Werner Jauquin

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