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Lady Amandine du Val arrived at the court of Emperor Corentine, aged only fifteen, and by all accounts took it by storm. Her bright gold hair, expressive eyes, and graceful mannerisms endeared her to all. The emperor's sister, Lady Charlotte, wrote:

"Little Amandine is a true delight! Such sparkling wit, and oh, those dainty feet flitting across the ballroom... she is spring come upon our tired court."

This adoration did not last long, however. Not a year after her arrival, little Amandine became enchanted with a bard who taught her swordplay, amongst other things. Being young and nimble, Amandine took to blades like a fish to water. Seduced by the life of romance and high adventure, she ran away from court, dressed as a boy. In the years that followed, Amandine became a sailor, a highway robber, and a courtesan. Once, she was betrothed to the emperor's cousin.

At the age of forty-four, Amandine entered into a cloister. She remained there till the end of her life and died a penitent.

—From The Gallery of Knaves, a portrait book, compiled by Lady Wilhelmina Bonchance

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