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Codex text

If The Warden is a mage: "Your magic is a gift, but it's also a curse. The Circle of Magi has trained you, and we templars of the Chantry stand vigil to ensure that training is adequate."

If The Warden is not a mage: "It is the innocent folk of Ferelden who matter. I would lay down my life, and the life of any mage, to protect them."

Grim and taciturn, Greagoir has been knight-commander of the templar forces stationed at the Circle Tower for so many years that hardly anyone except the first enchanter recalls that he is not simply part of the tower itself.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If the mages are destroyed during the Broken Circle quest: With the destruction of the Circle, it's hard to imagine where Greagoir will go next.

If Greagoir dies: He was killed following Uldred's uprising.

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