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"Even with all our magic and skill, we only delay the inevitable."

If The Warden is a Dalish elf...
In Arlathvhen, it is common for all the hahren to hold a private council while their respective clans are still settling in. These meetings inevitably last well into the next day and end with furious shouting, such that many say that the true reason the clans all go their separate ways is that no two hahren can stand each other.

Zathrian is nothing at all like Keeper Marethari, but this is to be expected. He is older, more severe, and his clan is facing a much more terrible enemy than the usual shemlen that plague other clans.

If The Warden is not a Dalish elf...
It is said the elves lived in Ferelden long before any others set foot there, and though most of their knowledge has been lost, it falls to the keeper of each clan to preserve what they have.

Zathrian is an old, severe elf with little love for outsiders, but his clan is facing a more trying enemy than most.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

After "Nature of the Beast" is complete...
Long ago, in retribution for an attack against his clan, he unleashed a terrible curse: He summoned a spirit into this world, and set it upon the humans who had wronged him. The spirit did not simply slaughter Zathrian's enemies; it transformed them into monstrous beasts.

In time, however, the werewolves he had created regained their minds, and they sought out the one responsible for their suffering, turning the curse upon Zathrian's own people.

If The Warden killed the elves: He was killed along with the rest of his clan.

If The Warden killed the werewolves: The Warden slew the werewolves, including Witherfang, ending the conflict.

If Zathrian's curse was ended: At the urging of the Lady of the Forest, The Warden persuaded Zathrian to give up his own life, returning the werewolves to their human forms and saving the elves who had been inflicted with the curse.

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