Codex text

I came expecting books worn from history's touch, their covers frayed and their spines exposed. But the Memories are not written on fragile pages. They are runes crafted from lyrium. The never-fading symbols glow as if alive and capable of speech. The Shapers tend to them with the deference of a grand cleric: a civilization's entire history catalogued and recorded for future generations.

Well, almost their entire history. My Shaper guide explained that I wouldn't find the names of surface houses, even prominent ones. The casteless are struck from the Memories because they have no position in Orzammar society and have turned their backs on the Stone. A bit much, if you ask me, but dwarves seem to be a people of extremes.

I was not permitted access to all of the Shaperate's records, only a select few. But I think I impressed them with my extensive knowledge of dwarven family trees.

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