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If Iron Bull is still Ben-Hassrath:

"Thank you for the information. We've removed the Venatori informant. Ansburg should be safer for Inquisition and Ben-Hassrath agents"

"Enclosed is the location of the ruins Tallis discovered, just north of Halamshiral. The obvious magical activity suggests that inquisition forces are better equipped to determine the nature and magnitude of the threat than our people"

"While the Imperium's increased internal struggle aids both the Qunari and the Inquisition, we suggest you keep a close watch. Both sides are likely to recruit allies, and Ben-Hassrath intelligence suggests that Nevarra is already unstable."

-Excerpts from Ben-Hassrath reports

If the Chargers were saved:

"Thank you for sending the Chargers to assist in dealing with the Demons attacking Montfort. Their assistance was most appreciated, and many lives were saved."

"The Iron Bull and his Chargers have prevented another Civil War from sweeping across Orlais with their efforts in Perendale. The Iron Bull in particular defeated the would-be usurper in combat."

"We must protest the actions of the Bull's Chargers in South Reach. While the presence of the Demons and Templars corrupted by Red Lyrium is undisputed, the necessity of your Dwarven miner collapsing the better part of a mountain on the enemy forces was hardly necessary."

"The Bull's Chargers were of great assistance in driving back the Demons that attacked the shores of Lake Calenhad. The Elf who calls herself 'Dalish' was particularly helpful, and I look forward to her promised explanation of how Dalish archery techniques can create walls of ice or dispel magical barriers."

--Excerpts from letters of thanks relating to the activities undertaken by Bull's Chargers over the past two years

If Iron Bull was romanced:

"But sorry, Lords and Ladies! According to our source in Skyhold, this Bull still only has a single rider, the Inquisitor him/herself! For anyone feeling horny or wanting to sit in the saddle, you'll have to steer yourself in some other direction as quickly as your calves can carry you, because our favorite Qunari mercenary isn't romanci-bull by you!"-- The least tawdry excerpt from the gossip page of Masqued Murmurs Monthly

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