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Notable changes:

Chevaliers serving Duke Eneas will now carry shields with dovetailed dividing lines, instead of their previous flory.

Lord Fortier of House Aigle will join in union with Lady Vauclain of House Souris. A full-faced mask in the Montsimmardian crimpled style, containing two colors from each noble line's Heraldry, may now be worn by first and second cousins of either household.

Lady Wesmith of Denerim will join in union with Lord Pierre of the House Veneur. A half-faced domino mask, black with white trim, rubies, pearls, or opals, may now be worn by Lady Wesmith's direct relations.

—From A Panoply of Faces: An Illustrated Official Listing of Heraldry and Masks within the Blessed Empire of Orlais, issued quarterly

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