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Codex text

There are some who claim men have no place in the Chantry, beyond the lowest rank of scholarly brothers and those who take their place amongst the templars. It is not true. This is an organization spanning seven nations, from the smallest village chantry to the Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux. It takes more than sermons to keep it alive. There is an invisible army at work ensuring meals are delivered, repairs are made, and faithful tended to... and much of it done by Chantry brothers like myself. The position of High Chancellor places a man beside the Most Holy; I control who is permitted audience, handle her correspondence, deliver her word to Thedas, and serve as her advisor on matters which may be mundane but cannot be disregarded. If I have influence, let it be said it is something I use sparingly if at all. This is a task to which I devote myself with solemnity. I and my fellows bear a burden so that others are free to guide the spirits of Thedas unencumbered.

—Excerpt from a letter by High Chancellor Roderick Asignon, 9:38 Dragon

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