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In 6:52 Storm[Bugs 1], Bann Hargrave's knights helped drive Avvar invaders from Ferelden's lowlands. When the king asked Hargrave to pursue the retreating tribes, she refused, demanding funds to build a keep. Caught between a fractured court, Hargrave's knights, and an impending famine, the king reluctantly granted her a large parcel of land to the south.

After defeating the Avvar regrouping in the boglands, the bann built her castle. As the famine grew worse, the wisdom behind her choice of location became clear: Hargrave Keep ate well, dining on a steady supply of fish and game while the farmlands starved.

Hargrave's line died out fighting Orlesian invaders during the Blessed Age. Only the village at the base of the keep remains inhabited as the keep has fallen into disrepair.

—From Notable Fortresses, Castles, Towers and Other Edifices of Interest in Ferelden, by Henry Lannon



  1. The age should be labeled 6:52 Steel: in which the Avvar are pushed out of Ferelden proper. The period results in one of the worst famines in Fereldan history. Memories of Avvar savagery sour relations between the barbarians and Fereldan kings for ages.


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