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Codex text

That the lush and beautiful Grand Forest Villa is so far from Redcliffe Castle seems odd only until one learns the history behind its construction. More than an age before the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden, Arl Jacen Guerrin ordered its construction to serve as comfortable living quarters for his "close friend," famed singer and swordsman Ser Corram the Bard. Arlessa Marguerite, Jacen's wife, evidently understood and supported her husband's relationship with Corram—only stipulating that the bard not live at the castle to avoid any public scandal.

"Arl Jacen's Ride" was a popular tavern song for many years, jokingly honoring the arl's attempts to return from the villa before the sun rose. Ser Corram lived happily there until his death in bed at the age of ninety, several years after the death of Arl Jacen himself. The aged Arlessa Marguerite ordered Corram's body burned with full honors in a hunting cloak that belonged to the arl.

After Ser Corram's death, the villa was used by the arl's family for guests and as a summer home for younger family members. It was abandoned during the chaos of the Fifth Blight.

—Excerpt from Living Redcliffe by Sister Dorcas Guerrin