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If The Warden is a mage: "If you want to survive, you must learn the rules and realize that sometimes, sacrifices are necessary."

If The Warden is not a mage: "The Circle will go on, and we will learn from this tragedy, and be strengthened by it."

There is no higher office in a Circle Tower than that of first enchanter. The one who holds this title must not only be an able administrator, but also a mentor, leader, and surrogate parent to all the mages of the tower.

Irving has proven himself to be all these things with an added dose of cunning. Most apprentices know that little goes on in the tower that Irving does not know. He can soothe templars angered by some childish magical prank at the same time that he lauds the pranksters, and everyone walks away satisfied.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If Irving survives the Broken Circle quest: Although much of the Circle was destroyed by Uldred's abominations, Irving survived and plans to rebuild what he can.

If Irving does not survive the Broken Circle quest: He died when the tower became overrun by demons. The fate of Ferelden's Circle is now in question.

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